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Boosting Sirt4 gene activity extends healthy lifespan in fruit flies

A new study on the mechanics of aging and longevity finds that fruit flies inhibited from producing the protein Sirt4 — which is also found in humans — are short-lived, while flies modified to make extra Sirt4 are long-lived. In addition, flies lacking Sirt4 display increased sensitivity to starvation, decreased fertility …

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Cells protect genes more than rest of genome

Whilst DNA sequence mutation is the fundamental fuel of species evolution, mutations in genes are often harmful. As a form of defence, organisms have evolved repair mechanisms to correct the DNA sequence following mutation. One of these mechanisms, is termed DNA mismatch repair (MMR). It corrects mutations that arise during …

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Mapping Earth’s Microbiome | Technology Org

More than 27,500 samples collected across seven continents and 43 countries. More than 307,500 unique DNA sequences. One reference map of the bacteria and related microbes that call Planet Earth home. This is the result of the Earth Microbiome Project, an effort by an extensive global team co-led by researchers at …

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