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Christmas 2017: Baubles come top of the festive glitterati at John Lewis | City & Business | Finance

After bubbling under for a while, the bauble has broken through with sales up 114 per cent compared to 2013. 

Simple crystal elegance, ornate patterns and quirky takes on Highland folklore are among the favourite festive style themes, says the department stores group which has constructed its own wonder wall in honour of the trinket at its flagship in London’s Oxford Street along with mini versions in other shops. 

Dan Cooper, the splendidly titled ‘Head of Christmas’ said: “Our biggest area of sales this time of year is baubles.

“We’re seeing more and more of our customers invest in unique, ornamental ones; as a result we’ve ordered more and have a 22-ft Great Wall of Baubles showcasing 30 colour ranges as well as the Art of the Glassmaker department. 

“The majority of our baubles are hand-blown and hand decorated making them truly unique and a focal point for any tree.

“We’ve got more than 450 decoration options, with most exclusive so personalising has never been easier. 

“We also have tree-torials and tinsel Masterclasses taking place over the December month where customers can learn some tips and secrets on how to incorporate tinsel and baubles together to make the perfect festive tree.” 

As objects that work both as decorations and gifts, baubles raise spirits in ways that delight and transcend cultural divides.

But a warning for those a bit behind the bauble curve, after an online rush at John Lewis some are only now to be found in the shops.

Among the stars are John Lewis Highland Myths Spun Glass, its Pheasant Tree and Jewelled Snowflake decorations, on the quirky front the John Lewis Lima Llama Claydough Sausage Dog Tree decoration and its Love Glitter Tube, and for mass bauble indulgence there’s the Winter Palace box of 20 and the mixed glass array box with 42 dazzlers.

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